Our Rescued Birds

Most of our birds have been rescued. We often know very little about their ages, or how they have been kept by their previous owners.

Some of them have physical problems such as broken toes, deformed beaks, or they can't fly properly. Others have psychological problems such as screeching, biting, or feather-plucking from years of boredom.

Most of these problem birds settle well into the relative freedom of the Aviary, especially if they find others of the same or similar species. However, they will never be completely cured.

We try hard to track the progress of our birds, but this is difficult when there are so many to look after. Our volunteers have limited time to clean the Aviary and provide fresh food and water. When we spot a bird that is recently sick or injured, or is getting worse, we move it to one of the hospital areas in the back rooms. The bird can be cared for and monitored more easily. If this doesn't work, we take the bird to our kind and helpful vet for diagnosis and attention.

We don't like to catch a bird unless it is so poorly that it can't fly away easily. It is very difficult to catch a bird with a net, and chasing it frightens all the others because they do not understand. The risk of further injuries is usually too high.

If you notice a bird that you think is in need of attention, please let us know because we might not have noticed. The best way is through our FaceBook page, but you can also send a message.

We need to know the following:

  1. which enclosure? - small or large side.
  2. which species? If you can't identify it, then please tell us its size, colouring, and whether we have others of the same species.
  3. what seems to be wrong?