Our Birds

We have too many individual birds to count. Several species breed successfully, and we are regularly asked to provide a home for birds that that their owners cannot care for any more.

None of our volunteers know all of the species of birds that we look after, so please don't be disappointed if you ask us and we can't identify a bird. This section of the web site is designed to help you identify the birds that you see in the aviary. It is also for the volunteers, because it helps each of us to teach the others about the species that we know.

How to identify a bird

We have organised our list of species according to how often visitors ask us to identify them. If you don't know much about exotic birds, you should start by checking the pictures of our most popular birds. If it isn't there, just decide whether it is colourful or plain, then it will probably be on one of those two pages.

If you can't find it at all, please let us know (perhaps with a photo or a description) and we will try to identify it and add more information.

If you are very interested in a particular bird species, we have a page for each individual, including, helpful links to more information such as an entry on Wikipedia.